Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pearly Whites...

Baby tooth #2 has come in. It's right next to number one on the bottom. Lawson welcomed his 6 month milestone with another toofer. We were traveling while he was teething and you wouldn't believe how good he was. A little more fussier at naptime, and biting on everything, but nothing teething tablets and Tylenol wouldn't fix. Now, if only he would sleep....

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Tooth!

Calling all tooth fairies!!  Lawson (5 months) had his first tooth break through yesterday. He's been a little fussier and is drooling a bit more, but all in all he's continued to be a pretty laid back guy. He's enjoying sucking on his bottom lip and gnawing on his hands to cope with any discomfort.

A few more weeks and you'll be able to put that thing to good use with table food, big guy!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Kids Conversations

Harleigh and Landon have some of the cutest conversations. Actually, they are more one sided:

Ms Kristine- "Landon you need to listen and lay down. We are changing your diaper. If you don't listen you will have to sit in time out."
Harleigh (standing over Landon, squatting down inches away from his face as he lays there getting his diaper changed): "It's okay Landon, only a diaper change. No time out!"
Landon (smiles)

Harleigh and Landon were playing outside one day. Harleigh loves to play with her BFF outside, and loves to try to boss him around. Landon is a wild man and is a boy in every sense of the word. He also will correct us if we don't call him by the name he wants to be called that day. Apparently "Landy Pants" was the name of the day.
Harleigh wanted his attention and began calling him "Landy Pants, Landy Pants", waits, no response. "Landy Pants, Landy Pants, (humph).....PANTS!!" Finally, Landon turns around.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lawson "Darth Vader" Kamm

Since Lawson was 5 weeks old, we've been dealing with breathing issues. He's sounded congested at first, maybe a little head cold, and it's progressively gotten worse- coughing and sometimes vomiting at night and sounding like Darth Vader during the day. Due to his laid back personality, his pediatrician labeled him as a "happy weezer". After albuterol treatments, steroids and antibiotics, all which would help for a short period but never fully "cleared him up" we were able to see a specialist. At Asthma and Allergy they checked him out for asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, but none were what the doctor was hearing in his little chest. Plus with the later, babies typically don't eat and if you seen my boy, he eats. He eats really well;)

The doctor diagnosed him with Bronchilitis which is an infection or mucus in the bronchiles. We're on a new treatment now that will help dry out the infection. Lord willingly, the little guy won't get any more colds over this 2 week treatment so he can finally completely heal. Already he's sleeping better and is a super happy baby. Yay, Lawson!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Tequila Sangria

Summertime is a great time to try fun, colorful cocktails. I recently tried this one and it was delicious! It's not too sweet, so if you need something cool and refreshing I highly recommend this one.
Tequila Sangria
2 oranges
3 limes
1/4 cup sugar- I will substitute with Splenda or Stevia
6 cups ice
1 (10 ounce) bag frozen raspberries
1 cup silver tequila
1/2 cup triple sec
1 bottle of champagne
4 cups chilled lemon lime soda
1. Juice one orange and two limes to measure 1/4 cup juice each. Combine juices and sugar in a microwavable bowl. Microwave on high for 2-3 minutes or until sugar is dissolved. Thinly slice remaining orange and lime.
2. Add ice, juice mixture, orange and lime slices, raspberries, tequila and triple sec in a pitcher and stir. Add champagne and soda, stir gently and serve!
Yield: 12 servings

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The "Exclusive" Club

Yesterday I asked Harleigh if she wanted to go out to eat and she said "yes". She also made it clear that she'll invite Landon and Aunt Ginger too. I asked about Brooksie and she said "no, Landon and Aunt Ginger."

Sorry, Brooksie, your cousin loves you. She knows you are sick and didn't want you "sad" at dinner.

Friday, August 3, 2012

I Almost Hit a Girl...

A characteristic I've picked up from my mom is "Mama Bear Syndrome". It's typically passed down from one generation to another and is best described as standing up for those you love to the point you would do almost anything. My mom would so often come to our defense growing up. I loved having her in my corner because lets face it - no one wanted to mess with her! :)

While on maternity leave, I took Lawson and Harleigh to the library to read books, get a change in scenery/get out of the house! While there, Harleigh sat down on a little chair and read books to me. She mimics her teachers at school and knows how to hold the book properly and get the 'students' attention, tell them to 'sit down and listen'. She began reciting her version of a "Llama Llama" book. A little 3 yr old sat down by her with her book and was reading to her mom/babysitter/grandma (I'm not sure who she was but could have fit into any of these classifications- pretty much this person was suppose to be watching this child who I might at would have never left my house in an outfit she had on- stains, unmatching, etc).  Harleigh and this 3 year old look at each other. I told Harleigh to be nice, and ask the little girl her name and share hers. Like any perfect angel, Harleigh does. That was pretty much the extent of the conversation between the two.

Harleigh sits down, picks up another book to read to me, and this 3 year old looks at me and says "why does she have droopy eyes"? She pointed at them and gave a look like there was something wrong with H.

I quickly responded that Harleigh has beautiful eyes, gave her a look like she just said a curse word and should never talk to me again, and then gave my attention back to my perfect 2 year old who was looking at me with confusion across her face. (As you can tell, I'm still ticked that this child would say anything like this to my kid. And what are droopy eyes? If by droopy, you mean awesomely beautiful then "yes" they're "droopy.")

Who did this 3 year old think she was, dissing my child who was so polite and nice to her? As we left, I was still a little miffed that the grandma/mom/babysitter/lazy bum didn't correct her bratty child so like any mature parent I called my husband to vent. I started with "So I almost punched a girl today..."

Zak having zero idea of what was going on, asked what happened and I began sharing "Well, Harleigh, Lawson and I went to the library....and they asked why Harleigh had 'droppy' eyes...Harleigh has beautiful eyes- they look  just like mine:)....ahh....I can't believe it". I guess I left out some of the context that this was a 3 year old, so Zak was picturing an adult saying this. He responded that he "couldn't believe someone would say that and how rude", he then asked how old I thought they were thinking my response would be "in their 30's" or "in there 40s" and I said "she was 3".

He started laughing and to this day, he'll come home after a rough day and say "I almost hit a girl..."

Harleigh if you're reading this, Mommy would never hit a 3 yr old. I would wait until they were at least 5. :) haha...No, violence is never a solution and you have the most beautiful eyes in the world!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Watermelon Feta Salad

My sister has me addicted to this salad since she brought it over to a siblings cookout. I love it and thought I would share with all of my followers (Hi Mom and Zak!)