Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

Harleigh's 1st Birthday Pictures

Hanging out with Eric Kent, showing H how to play with a pinwheel

Guess who loves her daddy?
Aunt Cassie and H

Lunch buddies (Julia and Harleigh)

Starting to get a little cranky (thanks for the super cute bib, Jill)

Great, Great Grandma Saft came to the party!
Plenty more pictures...I'll post throughout the month

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our Little Talker...

We've heard it a number of times, our little girl, is quite the conversationalist.  She enjoys talking to school with mommy, and often will say "look" and point, at a big car or something she sees out the back window.  She also loves to read "The Very Hungry Catepillar" and turn the pages- her favorite page is the back page with the big, colorful butterfly.  Each time we get to the page you would think she's never seen it before. She looks at you with big eyes, mouth open, points at the picture, and says "ooh, ooh".  Then, it's time to read it again, the reaction to the last page is as energetic as the first.  On Tuesdays and Fridays, Har gets to spend time with Landon (her best friend), she LOVES Landon.  As soon as he gets to the house, or she gets to my parents, it's all squeals, smiles, hugs and kisses!  (Zak and I think we've even heard her say "Landon".)  At lunch, they usually are sitting facing each other, and Har is smiling and "talking" while L is shoveling as much food in as quickly as he can, in fear that Har is going to come over and take some from him.  It's hilarious!! 

Some words we are saying:
all done
woof woof

We are loving this stage, fussy days, and all! 

Monday, March 14, 2011

One Proud Wife!

I'm excited to announce that Zak will be starting a new job this month!  He's been so diligent and focused on this and I know it's something that's been on his mind.  It's something we've been praying about, and been specific in our prayers that God would only open a door he wanted us to walk through. 

Zak will be a Sales Representative with Garco, Inc. (a waste disposal and recycling services company located in Asheboro, NC).  Don't worry, we won't be moving, Zak will be going into the office 1 day/week, on the road 3 days/week, and working from the home office 1/week.  So it is a good mix of travel and Zak is excited about listening to Sports Talk as much as he wants on those trips and not hearing complaints from Harleigh ;) and me.

Zak, I'm so proud of you.  I'm looking forward to this new endeavor and chapter in our lives.  Thank you for working so hard and being so positive.  You have set a great example, and kept us focused that only God can open and close opportunities and that our security needs to be in Him.  I love you so much!  Congratulations!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Our 1 year old!

An update on what's been going on lately with Harleigh.  I can't believe how much in the last 2 weeks she's changed. 
-She now does two "signs" - "all done" and "more",
-she is now walking all the time and doesn't want to be held as much,
-she's sleeping in her CRIB (for night time ~13 hours and for naps ~1 1/2 hours),
-she's starting to move towards 1 nap/day,
- LOVES her coupe (little car with a handle for us to push her)
-says "dog" and will bark
-loves to swing in her outside tree swing
-is comfortable around other people (and goes to strangers)
-continues to be a HUGE flirt (she loves older men)
-has 6 teeth (4 up top, 2 on bottom)

We love spending as much time with her as we can and can't wait to see her continue to grow and develop

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

True Fan

After seeing a blog post from my sister's blog (
of when they played dress up with Harleigh, I thought I would clear up any confusion on what football team she cheers for:  GO STEELERS!!! 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Landon Robert Dean!

Dear Landon,

Thank you for being the BEST cousin in the world!  You always are so patient and laid back with me, even when I tackle you, and lay on top of you so you can't get away (you are way too fast).  You are so chill and such a heavy sleeper - I should take notes.  I look forward to celebrating many more birthday's with my "twousin". 

I love you, Lando Commando!


P.S. You can use my dress up stuff whenever you want! :) I won't tell your dad!