Friday, December 31, 2010

Har Will Pump You UP!!

After a few rough nights, and a cough that kept getting worse, we took Harbear to the Pediatrician to see if she had croup again.  She does!  The Dr said that she is more susceptible to get it and due to the size of her throat (it's on the smaller side) when it becomes inflamed by any cold, croup can follow.  This is something she should grow out of over the next year or so.  We went to the store and got a steroid prescription, so if  you notice more defined legs, abs, and arms on our little angel you'll know it's just the steroid! :)  Please pray for a speedy recovery!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

White Christmas 2010

Christmas this year was extra special for us.  We woke up on Christmas morning around 6:45am (thanks, Harleigh), Zak read the Christmas story in the bible, and we went downstairs to open gifts.  Santa must have forgotten how little Harleigh has been sleeping through the night, because she was SPOILED with gifts! ;)  She didn't really understand the whole concept of ripping the wrapping paper, as she would use her little pointer finger and play with the tiniest piece of paper!  It was so cute and funny!  She loved her clothes, mittens, and socks!  She loves to give any clothing a hug!  She also loves her new remote and mom and dad can't wait for her to use her new paci's and sound machine at night!!  We were also surprised to see snow on Christmas night, first time this has happened in Charlotte in 47 years!  We look forward to celebrating many more Christmas' with our family!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Zachary P. Kamm!

Today is Zak's 30th 29th Birthday!  For the past 5 1/2 years God has blessed me with an amazing husband, who I love more today than the day we met.  We've been through so much together and I couldn't imagine doing it with a more patient and loving man.   I love him so much!  Be sure to wish him a happy birthday today!

5 Fun Facts about Zak:

1. He loves TWIZZLERS.  This is not a joke, Twizzlers are his favorite candy.  I prefer something more chocolaty, but Z loves this strawberry goodness.
2. He has an ultra-sensitive belly button.  I guess we have Pete and Jere to thank for this one.  You can't lightly brush up against Zak's belly button without him freaking out.  He's says it's because his brothers would torture him as a kid and tickle his belly, and he's had an issue with it ever since.
3. Zak was/is a Thespian. He minored in Theatre to pursue this dream of his in college. As most of you know, when we went on our first date, he told me he wanted to be an actor/model.  I'll keep you posted on when Hollywood calls.
4. P stands for Perfect! Zak went to the dentist 3 years ago and the receptionist asked if the P in Zachary P. Kamm stood for "Perfect"? He's stuck with it ever since.  (For those that are curious, it's really Philip).
5. Zak is a STEELERS fan.  Zak traded in his love for the Panthers when the picked up Jimmy Clausen, he still has yet to burn his clothes, but he's no longer a Panthers fan.  He now bleeds, Black and Gold.  Can you blame him?  Panthers are AWFUL!!

Happy Birthday, Zak!  I love you so much!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

First Steps

On 12/22/10, Harleigh took her first step!  She was standing by herself and wanted to come to mom so she took a step and fell in mom's arms!!!  We are so excited for her, and sad that our little baby who couldn't hold her own head a few months ago is now on the road to walking.  I guess her plethora of shoes are now needed for walking use, rather then just an accessory! :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sleeping Baby...

Below are a few pictures of our sleeping baby. She likes to get real comfortable when she sleeps. We're a little nervous she may like to sleep in the nudy! :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Traditions at the Kamm's

We are absolutely loving the Christmas season and have enjoyed spending it with our little Princess.  A few traditions we have started since founding Zak and Heidi Kamm Oct 2007 are:
1. Christmas Vacation- we watch this movie with Chevy Chase (sometimes more then once) before Christmas Day, typically on Christmas Eve.  It really is an activity we both enjoy, until Z starts to say all of the lines before the actors do.
2. Christmas Eve Service- we love to get dressed up and attend Christmas Eve service (even if it's a day or two before Christmas).  It reminds us what Christmas is truely about.
3. One gift before Christmas Day! This is my favorite! We open one gift the night before Christmas.  Since Santa hasn't come yet, it's typically a gift from family.
4. Hiding one gift- This is something the Bradbury's have always done, and is so much fun.  The "big" gift is hidden, and after all the gifts under the tree are opened there are clues for each family member.  There are usually 5 which lead to the "big" gift.  It's a great way to spend time together as a family...unless Papa Bradbury wrote the clues and you probably won't find your gift until later that evening!
5. Reading the Bible- we read the 'Christmas' the morning of Christmas before opening any gifts. 

Please share any traditions you or loved ones do over the holidays!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sitting on Santa's lap

This past week we went to EathFare to meet Santa and take a picture on his lap.  Harster got a little sad when we first put her on his lap because she thought mommy and daddy were going to leave her.  We also got to see Margaret.  So how old is too old to sit on Santa's lap? 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

For some reason this year, Christmas music couldn't come on soon enough.  A few things I'm excited about this holiday season:

- Holiday Cooking with my Food Network expert, Ginger
- Dressing Harleigh up in her many festive Christmas outfits, completed with accessories, of course!
- Pictures of our family of 3 in front of our Christmas tree
- Picture on Santa's lap (oh, and I guess one with Harleigh on Santa's lap too! haha)
- Visit from Mimi and Bibi
- Seeing the Christmas decorations timed with music in the area (I know of 2 homes that do that- and they're much closer than McAdenville)
- Christmas Exchange with the Book Club gals
- GIFTS- for those that know me, this is my love language! (hint, hint Zak! ;))
- Christmas Crawl with the Carlisle's, Locke's, Zoe, and Bradbury's
- Christmas Exchange with the Bradbury family

Hopefully this puts everyone in the Christmas spirit!